Blake Lewis announced today the name of his sophomore album which is the cleverly titled "Heartbreak On Vinyl" being released on the dance music friendly label – Tommy Boy Records. 

The new single is called "Sad Song" and Blake commented on the concept of the album which is a look at the state of decay in the music industry:

"Heartbreak On Vinyl" is the culmination of over 10 years in the
dance scene - the music that gets me out onto the dance floor to lose my
inhibition.  The title is an ode to all the record
stores that have been closing down due to my industry eating itself. These are
the stores that brought inspiration to all of us music lovers and have led me
to make the music I create today. "Heartbreak On Vinyl" is filled with electro-pop goodness, with melodies I cherish and that I hope my fans will
sing to. It comes from the land of the broken hearted to help you mend lonely

Aww bless.  I for one am very excited about the new album and single.  EQ has become sort of a super-fan of late and you can bet we'll be behind anything that the mighty Mr. Blake Lewis puts out. 

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