Run over to one of my favourite blogs right now – MuuMuse to score yourself a free download of Darude featuring Blake Lewis covering Flock Of Seagulls classic 80's track "I Ran (So Far Away)".

Huge thanks to Bradley from MuuMuse for giving us a bit of Blake Lewis news as it's all gone all quiet in Blake's camp which is a little disappointing.  In reading up on the track, a lot of people think Blake would be placed better in the European dance and electronic music scene rather than the American pop and hip-hop scene and you know what – I'd probably agree with that.  I don't think we are seeing enough of Blake Lewis in Europe – he's a talent to be reckoned with and I don't think the American music scene is doing enough with him, especially by dropping him from his record label.  Remember what happened to the Sugababes after they were dropped?  They released "Freak Like Me" and blew up.  I'm sure some A+R guy lost his job after that…I'm predicting the same thing happens with Blake.