Blake Adam

Hang tight Hollyweird you’ve a new upcoming pop proposition breaking out from the hills.

Theatre arts school alumni Blake Adam has taken to the studio to work upon his debut release following a run of YouTube covers over recent months.

Soundcloud is where it all begins proper though, as the aspiring pop star has just unveiled his first original studio work “If Love Were A Game” in introduction to his debut EP “Blake Explains It All”.

Revealing a mid-tempo and 90’s mooded, pop friendly track “If Love Were A Game”, Blake Adam delivers a deliciously poised performance that exudes quality and shows strength of character with an intuitive understanding of the craft, but furthermore, with what I regard as the full pop package of noteworthiness.

Differing a little from the average pop formula, “If Love Were A Game” is combined of an electro undercurrent, pinned with bursts of piano and highlighted with 8-bit chiptune harmonics.

If this young Blake Adam had of appeared on the scene a couple of years or so ago, I would quite have thought that he might be destined for something like Glee, but as this debut stands I think he’s got it pretty much covered to gain some popstar status of his own making.