I love Bjork – I really do.  And every time she comes out with a new album, I get rather excited.  Sometimes, when I listen to said new album though – I get very disappointed.  And what I realized over the years is that Bjork (for me) is one of those artists that will always be hit or miss.  But when the bitch hits, it's almost always a good hit. 

I am hoping "Biophilia" will hit, but I'm not going to get too excited this go round.  I will buy the album and give it a good go and if it doesn't perk up my ears as much as her "Debut" or "Post" did, I'll be ok with it and add "Biophilia" to sit alongside my other Bjork albums that didn't get played that much. 

I love Bjork as an artist – she's relentless in her artistry.  Perhaps I need just a tad bit of more "commercial" from her to truly accept her as an icon diva – I know that sounds bad, but I feel the same about other artists in her genre.  Nevertheless, I will enjoy the occasional hit track that Bjork produces and if "Biophilia" works – I will once again be the massive Bjork fan I once was. 

Sorry for the diatribe there – and yes, the album artwork is very nice isn't it.