Allie X 2

Allie X the enigmatic Torontonian by way of L.A. synth pop artist continues to light up the category of “Emerging Artist” through the offering out a third choice cut of electro pop orchestrated composition. This time out with a deliciously sinister sting in its tail, the mysterious singer brings us “Bitch”.

The accessibly dance pop disposition of previous tracks “Catch” & “Prime” is cast aside in preference of an alternatively left-of-field initiated mood which when upon hitting the chorus, bubbles distortedly along with all the gaseous spouting venom of a spoilt child pegging themselves into the hierarchical pecking order of society.

Clearly in no way suggesting a reality situation for the Torontonian synth pop artist, merely to be seen as a safety blanket of fantasy characterisation that is developing around her online presence.

In keeping with its beastly tone, “Bitch” soaks up a bombastically propulsive bass line and still shows an appetite enough to allow those acid spiked angsty vocals to break on through the broody veneer of it all.

The accent may not be centred on sugary pop melody hooks of before, but “Bitch” is definitely even more intriguing by it’s own shade of obscurely delivered notoriety alone.

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