Frasier Banks 1

Photo: Kayleigh Fish

Since becoming aware of aspiring newcomer Frasier Banks when he reached out and contacted me at the beginning of this year with a peek at another project he was working on. I have been on tenterhooks in waiting out for his promised solo material to arrive.

Having nearly seen the whole year out, I am stoked to share the fruits of Frasier’s labours with you, in presenting his emotively auto-biographical filled track “Big Boys Don’t Cry”, that has been released in support of and with the proceeds going to the BeatBullying organisation.

Touching upon his childhood and his own experiences of being bullied, Frasier has revisited a challenging time in his life through song. In a brave move, he even went so far as to return to his High School, the Lewis School, in Pengam, South Wales, to record “Big Boys Don’t Cry” with school friend and now producer Tomos Nicholls.

There is no mistaking the depth of emotional input that has gone into the making of this project, it rings out in peels through out the harmonised soaked melody that is set against a soothing electronic back drop.

Frasier’s vocal harbourers an endearing indie folk toning to it in parts, which catches me in a happy place – in a Jody Gadsden frame of mind.