by Peter Wilson

Last Wednesday I was invited to my first ever screening at Sony HQ in London. To say I was excited would be a euphemism, I was getting to view Beyonce's self-made, edited and directed live tour DVD, and all in the comfort of a sofa, with free beer and nibbles! Beautiful.

The beginning was suitably climatic, the anticipation heightened by the astounding amount of hysterical screaming fans. Seeing Beyonce appear on stage was almost biblical.  I didn't believe that a DVD could be so enthralling and genuinely exciting, but seeing the, one could say, goddess, herself did actually leave me a little breathless. She constantly interacted with her band and audience (I loved that she introduced her all female band and genuinely seemed great friends with them), in between highly skillful dancing and singing, all of which were executed with perfection. She really seemed like she enjoyed every show, and this really comes through from the way she locks eyes with members of the crowd.

The live footage constantly flicked between the well over 100 tour dates she performed at, from my hometown in Nottingham, to Rio de Genero to Tokyo. Interspersed between these scenes were video diaries from Beyonce, which were a personal and sometimes moving insight into her life. At one point she is counting down the days till she sees her Husband, Jay-Z, and another where she's practically weeping with exhaustion and happiness saying "Why did God give me this life"?  Beyonce, I'm sure glad he did.

Most importantly, the live singing and concert is pretty much phenomenal, the DVD unleashes everyones 'single lady' and you cannot help sing along and flick your wrist around throughout the show…The DVD left me bristling with excitement and a little bit emotional, due to Beyonce's dedication to Michael Jackson – on the very stage he was to perform on before his untimely death. I find her dedication to her career difficult to comprehend, as sometimes she was doing a show a night for weeks on end.

I think that she truly is one of the best performers of her age, and this must-see DVD casts insight into what a remarkable women she is, along with being one hell of an entertaining show to watch! The ending of the show read "I Am…Yours" which confirmed my opinion of what a selfless and stunning lady Beyonce really is. Well worth the buy.