Betty Who

We’ve been content with our “Convertible Nights” EP from emerging pop sensation Betty Who, point is we’ve had to be, given that we patiently await a UK release date for Betty’s good time pop debut album “Take Me When You Go” to air a scheduled listing this side of the pond.

However, it seems we are showing signs of levelling up with the tuneage on offer, as Betty has just dropped a video for the track “All Of You”, which features on the aforementioned “Convertible Nights” EP.

The collaboration which first came to light with with tunesmith Peter Thomas has long been noted as a fan favourite anyways, so we think it’s a perfect choice to our minds, to receive some added visualisation upon it.

It’s a welcome sight to see Betty Who take on a character role, one which enacts the essence of the song and shows off more viewer engagement with an action packed story line running through it.

In working up this film clip Betty brings together the punchy electro pop soundtrack with a vengeful plot of seeking retaliation on her boyfriend after they quarrelled and he took off in his wagon dumping her at the roadside.

We find out that Betty Who has enlisted a friend to help her out, is quite handy with a bat and all Betty really wanted was a packet of crisps!