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During my lunch break on Thursday, I blagged my way into The Bleach Works rehearsals (which wasn’t that difficult being the promoter and all…) for the big EQ Live show that is happening tomorrow.  So with my iPhone in tow to take some candids, I headed on down to an uber secret rehearsal studio in West London to get a sneak peak of the set that Christian Burns and The Bleach Works has been working very hard on over the last coulple of weeks.

I didn’t quite know what to expect really.  I’ve really only heard a few of the songs in demo format so far and the few songs on The Bleach Works MySpage page.  Once getting there, Christian greeted me with his usual chirpy enthusiasm – he really is a very smily and positive in real life…he just beams sunshine.  Immediately Christian whips out his handycam and says, “Let’s film a webisode!”.  I was like, “oohhhh, I don’t do cameras” you know cuz I like to keep some bit of elusiveness about me, but then I said, “oh fuck it, people have seen my mug before on MySpace and Facebook”, so I just went with it and got over my fear of the camera…

So what did we chat about you ask?  Well, here’s a little bit of a breakdown…

  • The band is sounding tight and united – the group have only been together for a couple weeks really as Christian has been the main man writing the music, but for a group who have only come together recently, they are already like a family – joking and being silly and all.  
  • Unfortunately BBMak fans, there won’t be any BBMak songs being performed on the night.  “That ship has sailed” says Christian.  This will MOST DEFINITELY NOT be a BBMak reunion gig, so sorry to burst anyone’s bubble if you’re expecting to hear “Back Here” tomorrow.
  • Christian’s mom and dad are coming to the gig – bless!  What do they have planned?  Well it’s a big London tourist day with trips to The London Eye and The London Dungeons planned before the main event at Bar Music Hall.  
  • “Any surprises in the show?” I ask…Christian may or may not play the theme to The Muppet Show...I think he will…

Shortly after, Christian’s manager Gary arrived and Christian gleefully showed him the promo posters for the night which was followed immediately by “OH SHIT!”.  I think that meant he liked the posters…I hope so, I spent exactly forty-four minutes and eleven seconds designing them.

After that, Christian strapped on his guitar and the rest was well, OUT OF THIS WORLD.  I’m sworn to secrecy about the set-list, but I think you’ll really enjoy the show.  I was so out-of-sorts and a bit sensory overload after the rehearsal.  I even felt a bit dizzy going to back to the office.

So the general consensus about the show EQs…IT’S GONNA BLOW YOUR FACE OFF!

That’s it.  The End.

Make sure you RSVP to the big event tomorrow.  Myself and DJ Adamix are putting together the music for the night as you read this, so come on down, ready to experience the best in new pop and electronic music and to discover the brilliance of The Bleach Works, Sam Taylor and The New Devices tomorrow.

Let’s watch that webisode now…