Villa Kang

For the last few years the alt-pop part of me has had an unsatisfied craving for more of the pop of MGMT when they were good.

Many bands and artists have brought their alternative music derived offerings into my inbox, yet nothing especially has clicked upon the same waveringly phantasmagorical wavelength; that it is until I was given word on Villa Kang just recently.

Toronto producer / songwriter Bryan Osuszek aka Villa Kang traverses the alt-pop genre guided with a visceral vision of intoxicating intent via sub-sonic melodies that push across boundaries and content leaning towards the outer edge of melancholy.

Upcoming single “Beauty’s Bones” directs a lyrical narrative which explores the theme of insecurity; confronting the issues that disable the inspiration behind the lyrics from openly embracing the needs of others to grow as individuals.

Given the above insight, the overall tone is not nearly as heavy as one would imagine, once the dizzying synth line kicks in and additionally aided by a measureable undercurrent of driving bass.

All coming in at a danceable mid-tempo pace “Beauty’s Bones” flourishes within a heady cocktail of floridly enlightening electronica and gossamer pop embellished vocal detail.