You might have thought that with all the torrid synth pop making that BnB instigates that maybe the electro sultry ardour might be beginning to run out of steam. Not so!, the provocatively descriptive lyrics continue to caress into an electro foreplay of R’n’B passion.

It is evidently becoming clear that Bombs and Bottles sexually charged compositions possess the staying power of a virile teenager with the seductive grooming of Casanova about them.  No way about it, it’s hard not to get through the opening few bars of a BnB track without thinking about getting some rompy business on.

Make your pleasure to new track “Be Mine Again”, this one is especially uber sensual, practically impregnating it’s uninhibited raunchiness upon the listener who should be aware that such is the potency of “Be Mine Again” you could possibly flower with child from just listening to this.

Something tells me though, that we’ll probably not have a 9 month wait to hear the patter of a new tiny something from Bombs and Bottles.