The Good Natured1

by Raj Rudolph

EQ caught up with The Good Natured backstage at their last show at The Lexington in London to talk about their free download, “Video Voyeur”, working with dance maestro Adrian Lux on “Alive”, the freedom of being in a band directly after student life, how social media has developed them as a band and how far they have come from their early beginnings on the EQ Live stage.

It’s been a pure pleasure to watch The Good Natured grow from strength-to-strength and personally, I can’t wait for the band’s debut album to drop in early April.  To score your FREE Download of “Video Voyeur” make sure you give the band a “like” on their Facebook page and you can also score another hot track of theirs called “Wolves” on their official website.

Their debut EP “Skeleton” is out for download right now on iTunes.  If you don’t own it, well really you’re well behind the eight ball now aren’t you.  If you don’t already own “Alive” by Adrian Lux featuring The Good Natured, well, let’s just say I’m really ashamed of you.

Skeleton - The Good Natured