I know Jordan can agree with me that autumn in New England is undoubtedly the best place to be right now. The leaves have changed colors, the weather is perfect and the sun is setting early enough to not feel bad about being home by the fireplace on a Friday night.

For me, autumn is all about music that creates a calming atmosphere. That means melodic downtempo, sultry drum & bass and smooth R&B. While drinking cachaca with friends the playlist that included everything from The Ohio Players to Flying Lotus, took a delightful turn when Tycho blared through the speakers. I may have been losing the game but the music was one hell of a consolation prize. Everyone in the room took a moment to appreciate the power in the beat. Yes, power.

Take a listen to Tycho’s latest release, “Awake” to see what I’m talking about. You might need this song after streaming Lady Gaga and R.Kelly.