Mandy Rogers

Listen to “Going Under” by Frankmusik

“Going Under” is one of the biggest game changes in sound for Frankmusik in some while. Whereby he continues to entice us into his creative realm of electronic pop wonderment with a futuristic R’n’B sound palate of nocturnal glowing vibes.

Watch “Fill Me Up” by New Portals

If you’re a fan of expansively filtered electronica which forms a futuristic vibe and haven’t checked out the New Portals yet. We urge you make a point of listening to the rolling electronics and dreamlike tones of “Fill Me Up”.

Watch “London Town” by Lovestarrs

The Lovestarrs didn’t know that this celebratory video of all things London of theirs would be quite as capturing the mood of the nation when they made it. However, this simple effective video now takes on even more purpose and meaning as of now than Sarah and Hamish may have ever had cause to imagine!

Listen to “City Lights” by Niina

“City Lights” by Niina is a fireball of energy and frenetic electronic pop melody. Sounds like Sweden’s punkish pop up-starts The Sounds with a measure enough of DAGNY to give it a modern edge.

Mandy Rogers

New Music Editor

Mandy has been a massive part of EQ Music ever since it's inception and has been featured in Music Week more than a few times. Mandy is our Music Editor and regularly discovers new artists and talent to be featured on EQ Music. When she's not being a mum, you can usually find Mandy online socializing with emerging musicians and other pop music lovers alike.