Warren Nomi

We were captivated a few days ago by electro pop artist Warren Nomi’s fashion orientated video for his slick dance pop tune “The Rush”, whilst we appreciate that this fabulous track is not new listening to us, it is the driving force for his greatest hits album pledge campaign.

We were utterly stoked to hear about the promise of new music from Warren Nomi, if truth be told, as the pop sounds of Nomi in general quite deliver us an adrenaline rush of stirring electronic pleasure.

We’ve put our few quids into the pot of Nomi creation, so as we wait out the creative process to bear the fruity vibes, Warren has sent a new track our way so that we can see where he’s at.

We think you’re going to rather like the glitter ball blitz of dance pop bliss that is “Attraction” actually, it sees Warren scaling the heights of falsetto and frolicking up amongst the top range in this sparkly discotheque spin, which incidentally, Warren gives us as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

By the sounds of “Attraction” is seems Warren surely has got some disco pop treats in store and waiting to burst out on this album that we can’t wait to hear at EQ.

Pledges for Warren’s album campaign can be made HERE.