Start mixing up the sangria and prepare to "Lose Control"…

My morning soundtrack this morning was full of Latin pizazz in way of Monti Montanez's new track "Perder Control" which is like a little Spanglish house party in your ears. "Perder Control" ("Lose Control") is a housey little number with bits of computer games and synthy noises all mingled in all set to a rocking Latin beat that will have you stomping on the pinata to it's rhythm.  I literally played it seven times in a row this morning.

"Perder Control" is being serviced to Spanish radio as we speak (along with another single) and it would seem the world is starting to fall charmed to the sizzling Latin pop sounds of Monti Montanez

What do you think?  Take a listen to "Perder Control" on Monti's MySpace and if you like it – Tweet about it!