Raj says:  Say hello to one of our favourite ladies who I have come to know and love – let’s call her ‘Electrowoman’ shall we?!  Electrowoman is a huge part of my blog and if it wasn’t for her, it’s hard to say that EQ would have gotten any hits at all.  It’s true.  She’s an adorable little gal and completely gets everything that I go on about.  If I were to get hit by a bus tomorrow, only she could take over this blog for me.  So having said that, Electrowoman has written up a little diddy for us on the one and only Roisin Murphy who has blown up so big now, that even she can’t quite believe it and has banged her little nogin up in disbelief.  Take it away EW…

You may have noticed EQ has had quite a liking for Roisin Murphy lately, both ‘Overpowered’ and ‘Let Me Know’ have been featured in the EQ Chart with the funky ladies videos currently available for you to oogle over in our EQ TV section.

So what’s the low down on the long player?  Well in a nutshell it’s a heady mix of soulful electronic funk, all encasing some rather well thought out lyrics.  Roisin has taken on board a very credible band of producers with the workmanship of Andy Cato (Groove Armada), Seiji (Bugz In The Attic) and Richard X all being being present on this soul driven, glittery disco stomper.

The quirkier sounding tracks such as ‘Dear Miami’ , ‘Tell Everybody’, and ‘Body Language’ all interweave their way quite effortlessly around the more dancier tracks ‘Cry Baby’ and ‘Movie Star’.  The later being quite Goldfrapp-esque it has to be said.  Notably the album version of ‘Let Me Know’ has a breathtaking acoustic vocal intro that we could quite easily have had more of.  It’s not always good to hear some tracks stripped raw but this would have been welcome purchase amongst all those ‘Let Me Know’ remixes on iTunes.

Other than the two releases to date, hopefully Roisin will endulge us by releasing ‘You Know Me Better’ as a future single, we can but hope!  So to answer the question "Are we Overpowered by Roisin Murphy?"

Yes Roisin you get a triumphant thumbs up from EQ.

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Roisin performs ‘Overpowered’ for Gucci – Live at Swarovski Fashion Rocks for The Prince’s Trust.