While we are (still) waiting for Private to officially launch in the UK, today I found two new tracks by 80’s falsetto synthesizer wizkid Archeo Price on the MySpace player called “Mr General” and “Her Mutha”.

With every track Archeo Price unveils over time, the more and more I find myself falling in love with his sound, his look and the fun energy he brings to the table.  I think (not 100% sure) he’s been picked up by one of the majors already which would explain the slow roll-out process, but if you ask me – you can’t put this hot tuneage out fast enough.  It’s got that sound of summer appeal to it – and being that we are already knee deep in the sunshine, go and prod the label a little for us Archeo.  Your fan club beckons.

Proving his star is about ready to burst, Archeo Price has just been featured in NME with a nice two page spread – check it on his MySpace as well.