AntigoneLand photo by Nik Pate

The reviews are in and everyone is just IN LOVE with Antigone's new album "AntigoneLand" which is – guess what – OUT NOW on iTunes worldwide.  There's a link off to the right if you want to download it.  Or, if you prefer the 320kbs mega versions of the songs, make sure you download them from Antigone's label, Yoctopus.

Antigone may follow a glittery line of one-name discopop divas, but she brandishes a more poetic wit than most. Working with Darren Hayes collaborator Shave, she laces this online-only debut with some edgy imagery. Opener 'Promiscuity' sets the tone for an album about men, women, love, sex and self-reliance. Her cooing vocals on the lush nighttime ballad 'Life Without You' will have Alison Goldfrapp crying into her tea, while the blazing 'More Man Than Man' will have you prancing like a showgirl." Stephen Sears, Instinct, May 09 (US)

"A surefire hit for anyone whose two favourite genres are pop music that sounds like dance music and dance music that sounds like pop music, 'Antigoneland' is a smart and sophisticated club record full of stylish tunes and a fair number of surprises. The hypnotic technological pop of 'Promiscuity' should please those left disappointed with the new Goldfrapp album while tracks like 'Mirror' and last week's single 'More Man Than Man' hit the spot in a brilliantly Roisin Murphyesque way."

To celebrate the release of "AntigoneLand", here's some live footage of Antigone performing at the last EQ @ Underbelly club night with snippets of "More Man Than Man" , Lush Shuffle Remix to "Promiscuity" and the full version of "Mirror" in the middle bit.  Look hard enough and you might even see one of EQ's favourite artists enjoying the show too…

EQ @ Underbelly – Antigone Performance from EQ Video on Vimeo.