I have lots of goss from Popshow last night which I am working on posting, but wanted to quickly post these cute pictures of Antigone who sang a new song called “Promiscuity” from her forthcoming album “Antigone Land”. The crowd also went nuts when she delivered “More Man Than Man” all the while opening the set with a fun story about her stylist’s run in with Grace Jones on the street. Tre flawless.

At the after-party at The Village the crowd included myself, Gerilicious, DJ Adamis, Shave, and some harcore Tiggy fans, in which the woo-hoo shouts were abundant when “More Man Than Man” was spinned. Tigs did a sexy dance for all of us on a bar stool too. Saturday nights were never so much fun…

Make sure to catch Antigone live at Electroqueer@Barcode this Thursday night! You won’t want to miss it.