So in December we announced the EQ Theme Song Community Project where we called on our online community to come up with a theme song that we could use here at EQ for purposes of promotion and brand identity.  Well, we received a whopping four entries in total and they were all very good.  Listening to all the entries was such a fun experience and it was really quite incredible to hear how the EQ community reacted to this project and how they set the spirit of EQ to a piece of music.

So, team EQ met up to listen to all the entries and there was one entry that 100% completely captured the spirt of EQ and since we could count the number of entries on one hand, we thought it was appropriate to pick one winner – and the winner is Electrovamp!

So without any further ado, take a listen to “Electroqueer” which is the Official EQ Theme Song by Electrovamp.  We are still deciding what to do with the track and we are working with the girls on it, but we thought you’d enjoy the first listen today.

I just want to thank all the artists who contributed to this project and you should know that your time and efforts are massively appreciated and we feel very honoured that you donated your time to the project.  We’ll be sharing with you some of the other theme song entries here on the blog and via Twitter as well!  We’ll also be chatting with the girls too to find out how they came up with the track but for now – TURN IT UP and enjoy “Electroqueer” by “Electrovamp”.