Last night, I decided that EQ needed a theme song.  Yes, a Theme Song!  A little bit of music to call our own if you will.  So I reached out to the EQ community on Twitter just to see what the reaction would be, and surprisingly there was a bit of interest from a few of you dear readers and musicians so voila – let's do it I say!

So here's the deal.  I don't want to make this into a contest where we have to pick the best song and there is one winner like X-Factor or something.  Basically we'll pick a few winners based on the numbers of entries we'll receive.  So if we receive 20 entries, we'll pick like 5 winners or something like that.

What will the song be used for?  Well, next year we are going to polish up our audio and video interviews a bit more and the best EQ Theme Songs as "stings" at the beginning and end of the interviews or even as "background" on some – with the winning reader being fully credited in the interview.  We could be interviewing Hurts, Adam Lambert or Lady Gaga again next year (you never know) and your winning EQ Theme Song would be credited in the interview, thus pointing people back to your online presence for people to learn all about you if they like what they hear. 

What genre are we looking for?  Electronic pop of course – you read the blog, you know what sort of music get's featured here.  Oh and there's a catch – it has to have a vocal too.  I'm not saying a full vocal over three minutes, but it could be something simple.  But just remember, we will pick out bits of the song to use as stings so be creative and try to make it work.

What will we do with all the entries?  Well, here's another idea I had.  If we get enough entries we'll pick the best of the best and we'll release them on an EP or single!  And – we'll do it all for charity.  EQ readers will collectively vote on the charity and 100% of proceeds we receive from releasing the EP will go straight to the community charity.  I'm not interested in making money from this project, it's just a rad idea to get all of us together, readers and musicians alike to work on a community project and help out a good cause.

How much will I get paid?  As were gonna do it in the name of charity and community, there won't be a cash prize for your entry.  But remember, winning entries will be prominently featured in EQ interviews featuring the best pop stars on the planet – big and small.  Our EQ interviews get thousands of hits a day and you really can't put a price on that.  Well you can, but I think that's kinda lame.  You will also be asked to sign a release form too which will allow us use the song on EQ – I don't wanna get sued either, cuz that's kinda lame too.

When is the deadline?  You can submit your entries and upload them to our Soundcloud Page by 15th January 2011.

Any other questions?  Just email us over on [email protected] and we'll sort you out.  Let's take a look at probably the coolest theme song ever created – maybe it will get your creative juices flowing…

I'm really looking forward to hearing what you amazing readers and musicians come up with – I know there is a plethora of talent reading this through the interweb, so let's have some fun and if the result is killer, we can raise a few bucks for charity at the same time…