Berlin 2

For the most part 80’s American synth pop band Berlin will remain synonymous in the UK audience’s memory for their soundtrack epic ballad “Take My Breathe Away” that stole scenes with Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis on the box topping movie “Top Gun”.

Who knew that they are still very much a thing together, recently releasing their 7th album stateside though? I concur it was news to me!

There was a whoompff of expedient progression from being made aware of, to completely knocking my socks off with their electronic staying power on latest album title track and new single release “Animal”, that identifies that the band as a whole and especially front woman Terri Nunn as having lost none of their / her thunder.

Roaring to life through a rock-channelled intro and undertones throughout, Terri picks up on “Animal” to tame the surging buzzing beast by her pop commanding gold and platinum plaudited vocals, and it works a treat.

Back in the day I never warmed to the likes of Swedish pop rock duo Roxette, but I could just envisage now with what is coming about with Berlin would have scored mass appeal within their European following.

Being that Roxette remain strong and actively live as music producing artists, whose to say if the European audience was to be made aware of Berlin’s new music that it might yet carry over and grab the attention of the pop rock loving Europeans that still exist?, as “Animal” appears currently only marketed to Berlin’s home nation of the USA and that it has won a fan in me, I felt compelled to share what I consider to be premium synth pop power that is in every way worthy of being so much bigger and worldly wide appreciated.

Hopeful that this might in time become an actuality, as “Animal” is now sitting as monster massive at NO 1 on my electro rock wish list, and so I AM going THERE to say it, “Animal” has quite taken my breath away!