In September, we were lucky enough to get new hot soul/pop sensation on-the-rise ΔNGELO to perform for us during our London Fashion Week EQ Live “Glimmer” Event and the crowd just ate him up – and let me tell you, the boy can sing – he’s got some mega vocal chops.  I’ve been following ΔNGELO for some time now as his original songs like “Time Bomb” and “Terrible Heart” have most certainly piqued my interest with their soulful and honest heart-felt lyrics.  I caught up with ΔNGELO a few days ago to talk about everthing that is going on in his world from his background in growing up with a musical family, what’s going on with his first collection of tracks, why he decided to take part in the “It Gets Better” campaign and we even have a good old bitch about nasty 50 Cent and his homophobic rants. 

ΔNGELO is one of the coolest and most down-to-earth musicians I’ve met this past year and I highly recommend you start following him on Facebook and TwitterYou can download “Terrible Heart” right now on iTunes.