Hello Electroqueer readers – we just want to say thank you for all the lovely emails and messages we have been receiving from everyone lately.  They really do make our day and keep us motivated to keep on ‘keepin on’ as they say.  As long as we know you are reading, we’ll continue to keep ranting and ravin about all the craziness that goes on in EQ land…so with that, on with the rants…

  1. The Police have re-united eh?  Well that is cool.  Sting looks really good too – check out this YouTube video of the reunion on Grammy night.
  2. Jennifer Hudson sets the record straight on all those ‘gay hater’ accusations.  God, we just love her even more now…please JHud, give us a proper single and album now!
  3. We recently fell charmed to new electro-cutie-on-the block Madison.  Check out his MySpace page and listen as he commands you to ‘Move Your Ass’.  We look forward to seeing him perform at Popshow Valentines Party next week along with Switch 22, Jean and Digital.
  4. The Dixie Chicks win ‘Record Of The Year’ at the Grammy awards as well as all four other categories they were nominated in.  I hope all those Dixie Chick haters choked on their lima beans.  Check out their Grammy performance here of ‘Not Ready To Make Nice’.
  5. Madonna wins ‘Best Electronic/Dance Album’ for ‘Confessions On A Dancefloor’ at the Grammys.  Well, duh…I mean really.  Imogen Heap doesn’t win ‘Best New Artist’ which totally bites…you’re our favourite best new artist Imms.
  6. Darren Hayes boycotts Valentines Day and hates goodie bags – read all about it in his latest blog entry on his MySpace.  Congrats to all the London and New York ‘Club Delicacy’ winners – we’ll see you at the show!  And – check out the opening act and Electroqueer reader Antigone.
  7. The Zapping interviews powerpop Simon Curtis producer Jadion – since then we have totally fell in love with Fayden’s track ‘Hypnotic’.
  8. Belinda Carlise lesbian romp rumours?
  9. Client are some dirty girles – but we love em and their electronic rendezvous – check em out on MySpace.
  10. And finally – if we were to give a grammy for big hearts, we would give one to our favourite electronica junkie and good friend in San Francisco, Zavan Quezada for his ‘Project Brown Bag’ video.  Visit Zavan on MySpace and let him know he’s a beautiful human being.