Morning Electroqueer readers – it’s pissing down snow today in London and it’s very cold overall, but we have loads to rant about today – so let’s get it on…

  1. We FINALLY saw ‘Dreamgirls’ last night and it was very good – for one reason.  JENNIFER HUDSON.  That girl was absolutely amazing and we cried quite a few times during the movie.  We actually didn’t mind Beyonce either – there is a disco scene in the movie where Beyonce channels Diana Ross perfectly and we were…well, impressed.  But – that didn’t even come close to Jennifer Hudson’s performance of Effie White.  I hope that girl wins the Oscar – if she doesn’t, well…that’s just a crime against humanity.  Let’s just hope it’s not another Madonna-Evita-gate all over again.
  2. Hey we found Jason Downs – he’s acting again.  Check him out here in the latest time-warp indie film called ‘Racing Daylight’ that he’s been working on.  We may have to check that out.
  3. Linear recently added us a MySpace friend – funny thing is – Charly looks exactly the same as he did in 1992 when I met him…long hair and everything.  Damn, I think I better start stocking up on his anti-aging cream. 
  4. Darren Hayes set to perform at very tiny clubs in London and New York next month and is cooking up the hype for his new double-disc called ‘This Delicate Thing We’ve Made’.  Random MySpace ticket lottery is in place and one-third of the tickets will be sold on the night.  To be potentially added to the MySpace lottery, visit the Club Delicacy profile tonite at 8pm UK Time.  We are hoping we will be there on opening night in London on March 8th. 
  5. We are on Stefy’s guestlist for the upcoming Pop Justice show in London on February 21st – we can’t wait and we’ll be covering the night for you.  Also performances by Dragonette, Unklejam, and a DJ set by Siobhan Donaghy…colour us excited.  To learn more about these new acts, visit the Pop Justice site
  6. Gavin Mikhail has updated his music on MySpace – check out ‘Go On’.
  7. Electroqueer Magnus Carlsson formerly of Alcazar fame is just too pretty.  As it’s snowing outside today, here is a little reminder of his recent Christmas single called ‘Wrap Myself in Paper’ – he’s just too darn pretty.  We’d like to wrap him in something else…
  8. Belinda Carlise is back bitches with new album Voila!  We’ll never forget the time we saw her at G.A.Y. and ended up taking one of Kylie’s Italian backup dancer’s home with us.  Music brings the people together…yeah.
  9. We’ve always been somewhat strangely fascinated by Electroqueer West Hollywood glam band –Shitting Glitter.  Check out their new single, ‘Slut Buffet’ on Myspace
  10. And finally, we leave you with this little YouTube video made by our friend Little Big Chris in New York that is well…just purely fuckin hilarious.  I think someone really wants to be a Dreamgirl, just like our gurl Jennifer Hudson.