Roisin Murphy

My Italian speaking doesn’t extend too much and I expect that might just go for the majority of many of us also. Although, if Roisin Murphy chooses to sing in it, like she has done, I say we take too it, since it has been way too long since we have heard anything from the strikingly avant garde disco pop diva.

Acting as the first track reveal from the upcoming 6 track “Mi Senti” EP, Roisin nails down a sensually outpoured enlightened vocal performance on the classic Italian pop track “Ancora Tu”.

Of course, I’m no expert but I find Roisin’s diction on this track, especially sounding on point. It’s just good to hear that’s she’s forever up for a challenge and let’s face it not singing in your native tongue can be very exposing. Roisin appears to make light work of it although, from the press statement in which comes a special note that Roisin has seen this as a “Singing Project” not an just “Italian Project” the singer further divulges:

Quite apart from the language, in some of the songs I was on the edge of what my voice can do. For the Mina ones in particular [‘Ancora Ancora Ancora’ and ‘Non Credere’] there were tears and I almost walked away and gave up.

Ancora Tu” brings out an almost a chillwave approach, yet Roisin’s suitably emotive vocals take the track out to a broader pop arena.

A total of 5 tracks upon the “Mi Senti” EP are covers of some of Italy’s greatest singers and songwriters of the 60’s and 70’s with the remaining track “In Sintesi” an original from Roisin and the team that worked upon the EP.

Whether Roisin is singing in English or Italian, it all sounds good to us and definitely excites our appetite for a new solo album which she is currently working on.

There will be a digital download option, and remixes will come later in the year
But for now:

Pre-order is currently available for a limited edition gatefold vinyl.