Bright Light Bright Light 1

I think we can definitely call it a good day in pop when we learn that EQ fave Rod “Bright Light Bright Light” Thomas has new material to impart with us.

Wales by London tunesmith Rod, has the measure of craft, know-how and a rich picking of onboard industry names within his fan-base connections to ensure nothing but a tune a-flush of amazing melody, swaying harmonies along with a love borne lyrical message ensuing within the familiar signature package of a Bright Light Bright Light composition. This is we know is fact and therefore, the careful placement to the opening sophomore chapter of releases following the quite rightly critically acclaimed album debut “Make Me Believe In Hope” was never going to fall short.

The first reveal “An Open Heart” from the forthcoming “In Your CareEP is a shimmery electronic masterpiece that showcase’s Rod’s adeptness at combining heartfelt lyrics within a universal pop friendly platform. With a hand in, in writing collaboration from renowned all round pop peerage Ian Masterson, “An Open Heart” beats with all the glittery pop golden promise it suggests whilst offering a tantalising glimpse towards a growing diverse shift in range of direction and production that is to be further revealed through the EP’s accompanying tracks “In Your Care”, “Same Dream” and “Movement In The Dark

I think I speak on behalf of all of us that make up team EQ. WE ARE SO READY FOR THIS!