Our recently featured Emerging Artists Fever High won our whole-hearted attention only weeks ago with their 80’s retro throwback and freestyle imagined taster track “That’s So Typical”. Anna, Leah and Adam are so quick to put out another slice of their nostalgia vibed pop perky tuneage, which comes in the similarly 80’s shaken neon bomb of Bananarama-esqueness.

Fever High’s latest “All Work” froths like a sherbert dip dab behind the ear surfacing out of the nana’s doo-wop sunny collaboration with the Fun Boy ThreeReally Sayin Something”.

Like the fruity pop trio themselves, “All Work” accentuates upon reminding ourselves to breakout from our workhorse routines and go out there and have fun times a little, which is hard not to when, this track is nothing but a pure tropically beaming ray of sunshine itself.

Pour yourselves a Pina Colada and dress it up with the FREE DOWNLOAD below.

FREE DOWNLOAD: “All Work” by Fever High