How excited was I to learn that JD Samson & MEN announced a brand new album called “Labor” yesterday and sprung new single “All The Way Thru” on us?!

I do love that element of surprise when it comes to pop music. The feeling of knowing you can instantly download a new song by your favorite band is so more exhilarating than waiting months on end for the release day to come…I’m talking about you MKS, ahem.

JD Samson & MEN are one of those few bands that I stan HARD for. I don’t stan for too many bands as you know. I do ove A LOT of music, but there isn’t that many bands that gets my stan. Unless you’re The Young Professionals, The Good Natured or Parralox (but I’m a bit unashamedly biased there with the latter), then you’re music is probably enjoyable, but I wouldn’t fly to another country to watch you play. However, adding JD Samson & MEN to my list of band’s I’d buy a plane ticket for is quite easy.

So having said that – listen to “All The Way Thru” by JD Samson & MEN and you’ll find the track is dark and sexy, catchy and totally dancefloor ready. I hope there are a few good remixes for this track in lead up to the album release of “Labor”.

Applause all around for JD Samson & MEN. I’m swooning.