timeflies 2

The American multi freestyling, music making duo of Timeflies have won themselves a reputation of crafting juicy electro-pop combinations composed throughout a vast range of genres.

The latest off the assembly line “All The Way” comes through with a splash of Avicii “Wake Me Up” and Pitbull’s “Timber” colour surrounding it, being that the duo have seen fit to knit elements of folk, electro-pop and Edm dance beats into it’s effervescent character.

Overseen in co-production by Benni Benassi, “All The Way” triumphs amongst the aforementioned genre-bending hit makers for it’s approachable pop sensibility in the first instance, as it’s littered with enough electrically charged chops both underlying and at the steer to sweep it off course of a full-on cotton-eye joe moment and fleetingly into the domain of a neon bright cowboy party romp.