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Who is Louis ? begs the question.

They are givers of surprisingly delicate shimmery omnichord stirrings is the answer.

Danish collective Who Is Louis is vocally by steered by German Greta Louis who lends her name to the project and also her accomplished omnichord playing.

Who Is Louis debut with a wispy intoxicating sea of calm and ethereal glitter on the soothingly refined inaugural taster track “Alive”. Greta’s luxuriously dulcet tones lend effectively well amongst the fantastical enchantment delivered by the omnichord that in turn swoop an air of nostalgia and supernatural strength to what appears on the face of it to be subdued with a graceful fragility of a dazzlingly pure presence of enlightenment.

This is just the kind of magically wondrous sounds that would fit in well in the musical trinket box culture of shiny and dreamy off-kilter innovation.