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Shattered Ice - Adam Tyler

One of the most surprising pop albums this year for me is without question “Shattered Ice” by Adam Tyler.  I’ve always been a fan of the infectious pop that Adam Tyler has produced over the last few years ever since his massively underrated debut single “Friction” burst onto the web.  When taster single “I Won’t Let You Go” made it’s debut a few months ago, I knew right then and there that Adam Tyler is a pop force that is determined to be noticed, despite the many negative pitfalls that exist in the current pop climate for “male” pop artists.

When I received “Shattered Ice” for review, I knew I was in for something no less than a treat.  Upon first listen, the first three tracks alone prove that Adam Tyler has what it takes to ignite hits in the mainstream commercial pop environment.  “Like A Drug” is a saucy, sexual stomper with provocative lyricism that you can’t help but notice.  “Like the air I breathe, I need you up inside of me – up inside of me”.  The middle eight alone sounds like it was a page torn right out of Madonna’s infamous “Sex” book.  “Pull The Trigger” is an addictive dance-floor filler with head-bopping rolling synths that are slightly naughty and massively explosive upon first listen.  “Music Freak” is a slice of supersonic pop heaven where Adam’s self-confessed “pop geekdom” gets it’s own theme song.  For any of you music freaks who live for electronic beats as a life-sustaining force, “Music Freak” will be an all-too-familiar story for you when you hear it.

The album’s centerpiece “I Won’t Let You Go” still remains one of the finest pieces of pop artistry to be released this year and the fact that it’s not an American top ten single still boogle’s me, but I haven’t given up hope just yet.  Title song “Shattered Ice” is an amazing groover but the album’s highlight for me has to be the incredibly funky “Forgive Me” where Adam confesses to his bad habits as a lover and a friend.  I love this song so much because sonically, the song’s construction and sound is quite different for Adam and proves his versatility as an emerging pop artist. 

Shattered Ice - Adam Tyler

One of Adam’s favorite songs on the album (and for good reason) is the elegant and touching mid-tempo number “Taking Back My Love” which I quite like too – it’s flourishing chorus and uplifting harmony instantly resonate.  For all you dubstep fiends, you will love “Emergency”.  It’s a masterclass on how to combine dance pop with dubstep in a way that doesn’t overshoot the mark – Britney Spears would be proud and might even tip her hat to Adam if she heard the song.

And for all you critics out there that need to have proof that pop stars actually have vocal talent, the final three tracks are re-invented album tracks which put a new spin on the original proving that Adam Tyler can actually sing.  “Forgive Me” and “I Won’t Let You Go” get an acoustic makeover while “Emergency” gets a haunting orchestral facelift giving the song a whole new dimension.

All-in-all, “Shattered Ice” by Adam Tyler is an independent pop triumph.  In a day and age where the only pop music that gets noticed are songs that are over-hyped and over-produced by over-paid producers, it’s nice to know that the spirit of independant pop is still alive and well in albums like “Shattered Ice”.  For this reason alone is precisely why we are supporting Adam Tyler as the first choice for our inagural EQ Music Tour which kicks off across America beginning August 23rd.  If you are a music freak like most of us that read this blog, then make sure you download “Shattered Ice” when it’s available for download on Tuesday. 

As Adam Tyler professes, once you take his hand and hold – he won’t let you go, nor let you down as a pop artist that delivers and entices you into his world of musical wonders.

Shattered Ice - Adam Tyler