On Friday, while going through my usual breakfast time routine of scrolling over my social media. Unsurprisingly, I could see almost everyone I encountered (but I and a few others) was hurriedly cramming the new ABBA album gleefully, into their ears. Being truthful. The reunion of the greatest Swedish pop band of all time hasn’t appealed to me much. So, who then was it, or which new music release is it, that fired up my excitement on New Music Friday last week? London-based singer Salt Ashes was the one sitting at the top of my ‘must listen to list’ on Friday. The songstress burst into the dance music scene with her self-titled debut in 2016. She is out with both a new single, “Body Says“, and sophomore album “Killing My Mind“.

Witnessing her steady ascent with the formative track releases “Somebody“, “If You Let Me Go“, and “Save It“. Salt Ashes came into her own with the 2018 track “Girls“. The track marked a pivotal point from where she has continually moved her music forward. Notably to where. The pop sound carved out by Veiga Sanchez (aka Salt Ashes) has become bolder. While, the lyricism continues to hit, with the directness of a perfectly aimed arrow. I have noticed this about her. She is the kind of lyrically driven singer who when has something to say. She will always dive right in, to the heart of the matter, with clarity and frankness. The above explanation, being my reason for choosing her sophomore offering “Killing My Mind” to spend some quality ear time with. Over the much talked about Swedish bands swansong album.

Killing My Mind” the singer’s second body of work. Is a particularly empowering one. The objective behind it being. Encountering gritty themes as a way to release personal demons. On the album. She tackles issues around commitment phobia to anxiety and insecurity. Traverses the objectification and commodification of women. She exhumes all of the relationships in her life, even her one with the patriarchy. It is all there. From high notes of drama. To exploring the sheer indulgence and hedonistic energy of dancefloor-ready grooves. Softer, emotive moments also poke through from this pop powerhouse. I rate it ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

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The most recent focus track is “Body Says“. It is an epic, dancefloor-styled anthem about owning your body and choices. The narrative clearly broaches situations where females feel threatened by unruly, behaviour towards them. (From a small minority of men). Not a comfortable topic by any means. Yet one where Salt Ashes speaks up on behalf of womankind. Pushing the conversation further into the open. With a good dose of pluck and danceability in equal measure.

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The formidable NEW album “Killing My Mind” is out now. Do yourselves a favour, check it out – here

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