by Raj Rudolph

OK, OK, so for their last few single releases, I might have been taking the piss out the band for being so happy and perky and all that. But you know what, considering the 'let's slash our wrists' pop world that we live in via Lana Del Rey and Frank Ocean of late, I'll happily take a few rays of sunshine via Alphabeat's "Express Non-Stop" any day over such melodramatic mood-killers.

On "Express Non-Stop", Alphabeat goes full throttle on the confetti cannon on ten tracks that are full of happy synths, doo-wop grooves and the spirit of The Go Go's that will leave you dancing on the ceiling like Lionel Richie for days. Aside from stellar singles in way of "Vacation" and "Love Sea" we feel the same love and energy on the "The Beat Don't Stop", "Love On The Line" and the sparkly title track that is an audio prescription for happy pills if I've ever heard one. In fact, every track on this album is pretty darn good and if you're a fan of the first Alphabeat album, you'll be happy to know that they've pretty much went back to their winning formula that made them famous in the first place.

I love this album. I love Alphabeat. I love being happy. If you're tired of Alphabeat, well then you're tired of life.

"Express Non-Stop" by Alphabeat is out right now digitally on the band's own store. It might be some time before it's on iTunes, so make sure you get your copy right here, right now.