Bright Light Bright Light’s fifth album, “Enjoy Youth,” has been released at a particularly opportune moment. This week has presented a myriad of challenges on various fronts, and the arrival of Rod Thomas’ new album couldn’t be more timely. With its infectious dance beats and relatable narratives, the album serves as a welcomed escape from the current array of struggles and issues that are affecting the world.

As I’ve eagerly counted down to the album release on the blog, I’ve been sharing articles about the lead-in singles. From the very beginning, it was clear that BLBL was creating something extraordinary for fans of synth-pop. Even before I knew about the album’s title or theme, I could feel the infectious, feel-good vibes from the songs. As the single-release campaign continued, tracks like “You Want My” and, more recently, “Heartslap” featuring Mykal Kilgore, have truly brought this joyfulness to life.

The album “Enjoy Youth” boasts exciting collaborations with GRAMMY-nominated Mykal Kilgore, dance music icon Ultra Naté, Sam Harper (voice of Riton “Friday Night“), Berri (known for her massive 90s hit “Sunshine After The Rain“), and Beth Hirsch (featured on Air’s classic album “Moon Safari“). If you’re already a Bright Light Bright Light fan, you’ve likely enjoyed the danceable treats Rod has already released. Such as “Sweet Release,” “Boys Etc.,” “Down to One,” “Every Emotion,” and “Heartslap.” But let me tell you, “Enjoy Youth” offers even more, with its captivating mix of glittering electro-pop, 90s house, bursts of HiNRG synth-pop and phenomenal artistry.

I truly believe that “Enjoy Youth” is Rod’s finest album yet. The track “Snap!” featuring Berri is an absolute standout, exuding strong A-ha vibes, and it has become my personal favourite on the album. The dance-pop elements in this song transport me to a state of pure bliss, and I had a strong inkling that it would turn out to be an Ian Masterson-produced track.

Thank you so much, Rod, for creating “Enjoy Youth.” Your album has brought a much-needed sense of joy and positivity to this weary world. The uplifting and vibrant music is a breath of fresh air, and it’s an album truly living up to its name.

The Album “Enjoy Youth” is out now on Vinyl / CD / Cassette / Digital:



Live Dates

May 16 – Liverpool Jacaranda – instore signing & show

May 17 – Leeds Vinyl Whistle – instore signing & show

May 18 – London Banquet Records – instore signing & show

May 19 – Bristol Rough Trade – instore signing & show

June 2 – London – The Mighty Hoopla

June 3 – Manchester – Night & Day Café* (Presented by EQ Music Blog- Tickets HERE)

June 5 – London – Royal Vauxhall Tavern*

June 6 – Neath – Gwyn Hall*

*Rod will be joined on stage by Mykal Kilgore, who will also play an opening set. 

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