When we received Bright Light Bright Light’s electro-pop debut album “Make Me Believe In Hope” back in 2012 we instantly recognized that the body of work and production that had gone into the making of the now acclaimed long playing debut had come as a direct result of the man behind the Bright Light Bright Light moniker, Rod Thomas’s gifted ability to draw upon relatable material derived of narrative’s projected of a soul laid bare and translate them into intricate melodies, moreover, spun of shimmery synth crafting with an accent on 90’s house flair, and which catered to a wide ranging audience appreciative of Rod’s understanding of what forms together to build appealing popular music of an earnestly easy listening character.

The “Make Me Believe In Hope” album has been one that has since gone on to provide a solid foundation for the multi-instrumentalist, singer / song writer and producer and ever since our initial listen to the melancholy disco-tinged melodies we have been wrapped in enchantment and highly anticipating of the day of release of it’s sophomore counter-part.

Two years down the line, here we are with the second chapter of Bright Light Bright Light’s meticulously approached quality pop music in our hands and in our heads as the much desired sophomore album “Life Is Easy” is now unleashed into the public buying domains.

The mood of this album whilst once more ruminative and reflective shifts with a noticeable trait of happy vibes at its core and it this, which provides an extra portal of engagement that is extending upon the solid debut album and offering of an even more masterfully stunning collection of tracks to become smitten with this time around.

Right from the album opener of “Everything I Ever Wanted” the ambience is set with a richly developed and deeply sonically textured layering, that when teamed with Rod’s earnestly delivered vocals whisk one away on a dreamy plain of karma which is almost spiritual in it’s revelationary and euphorically bathed aura. A sonic platter and sincerely life affirming train of thought, also similarly explored on the delicious Elton John assisted duet “I Wish We We’re Leaving”, the especially heartwarming track “In Your Care”, the self-explanatory “Lust For Life” and the encouragingly optimistic “More Than Most”.

The chugging pull of 90’s deep disco house are never too far away from the heart of Bright Light Bright Light’s inspiration with a particularly melt in the ear glistening moment coming through via the enlighteningly driven “There Are No Miracles”, whilst presented shaded more in a funky accentuated and stammering staccato groove on the advisedly and sarcastically suggestive “Good Luck”. Returning further on during the album, a surge of deep disco bounce is felt on the questioning “Too Much”.

In pouring out the happy vibes, there comes a surge of euphoric modern dance pop which is captured at it’s best on the soaring and uplifting numbers “An Open Heart”, “I Believe” and landing on the especially pleasing final note of the album, the Ace of Base like drenched “Happiness”.

As can be understood “Life Is Easy” is formed mainly of three pockets of sound styles, each of which Rod Thomas approaches with his knowing-knack of executing gleaming production whichever ambience a track is suited too, be it upbeat disco or pop balladry.

Again as a lyrical storyteller of this learned subject matter applied in focusing upon learning how to appreciate what you’ve got and make the most of your days, Rod does so with his familiar warming vocal timbre throughout and which suitably acts in expediting translation of these sincerely and honestly reflective life-affirming topics to their gleaming production met conclusions.

Life Is Easy” will leave you with a sense of well-being moreover, devised of a top-to-toe outlook of sincerity, coupled with consistently endearing tones. Whilst, linking into the familiar territory of the debut album at times, “Life is Easy” has moved everso gently along in it’s overall vibrancy and in this formula it partners perfectly to the debut album. Giving Bright Light Bright Light’s already won fans a glowing new album worth of tracks to delight in, but also drawing new listeners into its splendid mix of sensitivity and accomplished collection of upbeat gilded disco pronounced tracks with alluringly appealing ease.