Those sassy girls from Addictive are on the up-and-up getting ready to release their hot new single "Domino Effect" very soon.  Other than hearing their tracks on MySpace, I didn't know much about the chart-topping duo, so I asked them a few questions about their music and what we can expect from their live show…and this is what they had to say…

Hello girls – So I'm very excited about your upcoming tunes.  I especially like your tune "Domino Effect".  Tell me a little bit about that song…
Glad you like "Domino Effect" its our next single, as soon as we heard the beat for "Domino Effect" I knew we had to have it.  It is so sexy, but still has the dance electro beat to it -  I kinda fell in love with it straight away!  With the catchy hook sung over it, it was all over in the studio! [laughs]

I know I've seen you around the music scene a bit already – where have I seen you before?
We released a single called "Gonna Be Mine" last year which was produced by T2. Our video for it was number one on MTV for over a month, so you could probably say that's when we kinda arrived visually on the scene.  But we were releasing white labels underground and had tunes being played on specialist radio stations before that.

How would you describe your music in one sentence?
Sexy, charismatic, encouraging and inspirational.

Are you going more for an urban audience with your music or are you trying to reach out to the pop and electronica audiences as well?
Our music and album is pretty universal, I feel there is something for everyone and some tracks are very much pop/electronic influenced.  There is a fusion of sounds on our album, "Domino Effect" has an electro, dark sound, where our tune "Where I Wanna Be" has more of a R&B sound with inspirational lyrics – that's just an example that the album has enough diversity.

What can we expect from a live Addictive performance?  Are you looking to do some live dates soon?
We love the live shows!  You can expect real live vocals and a lot of dance and visuals, trust me you will definitely be entertained!  We have almost finished the album and "Domino Effect" has had a great response so the dates keep coming in…

Make sure to check out Addictive and "Domino Effect" on their MySpace –

I am also pleased to announce that Addictive will be performing at the next EQ @ Underbelly night in Hoxton Square on July 31st alongside Luigi Masi, Rodrigo Morrato, Saar & Sky, QBoy, Tecnoctitlan, Tonic, and John Galea! 

Make sure you RSVP to the FREE event to insure you're in…