Hey Day

For a band that have seemingly sprung up out of nowhere, New York trio Hey Day are proving they are fully adept at stringing together infectiously pop accessible melodies.

It wasn’t so long ago that Andrew, Jesse and Andrew emerged debuting their pop / soft rock imagined, mass appealing, pop slaying ditty “Little Bandit” which they are now swiftly following upon with the equally hook and riff rammed new track “Adderall”.

As a play on the use of the ADHD prescription drug “Adderall”, the band substitute the medically defined remedy as a figure of speech simile, which metaphorically marks their fascination for a prospective woman suitor as being the sole assisting medicine for their drifting attention span disorder.

Hey Day might be infatuated with one specific gurl on their mind, but boy has our crush worn in on these boys already for their immediately pleasing nuggets of pure pop bliss!

Highly recommended that you pick up and drop this one onto your future popstars playlist.

FREE DOWNLOAD: “Adderall” by Hey Day