by Raj Rudolph

Amazing!  Aside from Adam Lambert giving us a sneak peek of the album cover, he also wants you to know that he's done a lot more on the album besides just sing…in his last set of tweets the superstar added:

"In addition to serving as Executive Producer of TRESPASSING, I'm also Creative Director. @leecherry is my Art Director and Photographer".

Something tells me he was cut out to be a Creative Director too – the man certainly has style.

Like you need another excuse though, check out EQ's early review of "Trespassing" right here and why not go ona blast of the past and read our 2010 interview with the Glam one himself in which he proclaims:

"I'm a singer – I'm not a babysitter, I'm not a politician and I'm not here to try and show anybody how to do anything"