"Bet you thought he was soft and sweet…

Thought he was an angel that swept you off your feet…

We'll he's about to turn up the heat – he's here for your entertainment…"

I woke up this morning to masses of comments on Twitter about Adam Lambert's "raunchy" performance of "For Your Entertainment" on the American Music Awards and I have to say…that wasn't raunchy enough. 

But good on Adam Lambert for taking a risk and giving Americans a bit of spectacle.  I mean really, so what, he kissed a dude on-stage.  So what he gave a bit of crotch action.  So what he flaunts his sexuality.  The more Americans see this, the more it will become less shocking and in the end the extreme levels of homophobia in middle America might just even out a little more.  I think that's what the performance was all about really.  It was also Adam's telling the nation that he's not some safe American Idol singer that will put out bland pop crap – if you want that, go buy a Kris Allen record. 

Adam Lambert's new album "For Your Entertainment" is out today and it's a solid record.  The EQ verdict say's it's worth buying – I am enjoying it immensely.