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The Glambert has recently unveiled some album shoot photos on his official website and it's quite apparent that Adam Lambert is not caving to AI blandness with his badass styling, tight fitting trousers and gorgeous use of corsets.  

Having already graced the cover of Rolling Stone and continuing to excite fans all across America on tour (he even gets dildos thrown at him on-stage) the world is an oyster for Mr. Adam Lambert.  He can't release songs fast enough if you ask me.  I'm getting a little anxious for new material as "Want" is played on the iPod at least twice a day and I'm always left wanting more of that voice…

Make sure to check out the rest of the album shoot photos after the jump!  And management, if you're listening – you need to get Adam over to the UK for some showcasing – with his ability to channel Freddie Mercury the way he does, this country would – Eat. Him. Up.

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Adam Lambert_0704w_new 

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