OK – now I probably should have saved this post for Valentine’s Day, but sometimes you just can’t wait when it comes to exclaiming your love for someone to the world.  Last night I had the most wonderful evening with my boyfriend which confirmed my love for him to another level.  I feel like ‘A Million Love Songs’ right now at this moment and I want to share it with you.

I do want to let you know that Electroqueer is about the music and I every once in a blue moon we may post something about ourselves, but we promise to give it a musical spin…So having said that, last night’s romantic escapaes had got me thinking about some of my favourite love songs which I will share with you now.  And also, big thanks to Electroqueer and Darren Hayes fans Laurie and Michelle – these two lovely ladies left wonderful MySpace comments on a photo of me and my boy and it was wonderful to see those when we got back home last night.  Seriously…it was the perfect end to a perfect evening – thanks girls.

Electroqueer’s beautiful boyfriend – BBoy Geri.  I Love You.


A Shoulder To Cry On
Tommy Page

Feelings Of Forever

Crazy For You

Truly Madly Deeply
Savage Garden

Tracy Chapman
Baby Can I Hold You

A Million Love Songs
Take That

Depeche Mode

Too Lost In You