July Cruise 2

So this is how it is right, just for today – we’re cutting loose like it is a Friday, because to be honest if we feel like a bop, we will bop and we won’t be leaving it just until the end of the working week to dictate that we can pop on our dancing shoes.

Anyway, since we have this new party time dance floor filler “A Song About You” from July Cruise to serve up the stomping club beats, how could we possibly not do anything but bump our booty to it!

July Cruise is infact the alias of Tatiana McConnico, who’s briefly had a brush in the past as an American Idol alumi, and whilst never giving up on the dream of performing and sharing her music of course, has now turned herself around into July Cruise debuting an über bubbly pop tune whose bouncy club inducing groove is a fun soundtrack to break out and dance too.