Hello EQs – I am pretty much tied to my chair in streaming media land and am finding it hard to find five minutes to dedicate to EQ today, but don’t despair, I have a mini-rant for you…Yes, I can hear the cheers from far far and away…yeah right.

  • So it may be almost next to impossible for me to make it to the Glasgow show of Darren Hayes ‘Time Machine Tour’…It’s a 50/50 chance now and I’m a little bummed-out about it cuz I already have tickets and everything but there isn’t much I can do (a work thing…argh).  I’m sending out a message to the fates that somehow they will allow me to go to opening night…if not – there’s always Royal Albert Hall.  If anyone in Glasgow wants to do a guest blog on the show for me – I’ll give you my tickets…email me!
  • Nelson Clemente has some new demos up on his MySpace page – you have to scroll down to the indie store player, but they are worth checking out.
  • Just as I suspected, new EQ fave 4th Child is playing at the next Popshow on 27 October.  Yay!  EQ Number 1 single ‘Now I Found You’ officially drops on Monday and you can order your copy here.  It’s one of the best songs I’ve heard this year – No kidding.

Uhhh…that’s it for today.  More on the Robyn gig tomorrow….