Today was a great music day.  

New Erik Hassle video.  New BT featuring Christian Burns song "Suddenly" came out and I got to preview the new album "8Bit Heart" by one of my favourite pop stars – Simon Curtis.  In fact, Simon is my number three most listened to artist of all time…well, at least since I signed up for a account.

I can't reveal too much though.  So no review here, but what I will tell you is that it's properly out-of-this-world.  It's the nu-pop sound of 2010.  I think even Lady Gaga would applaud the brilliant work that Simon Curtis and producer Jadion put into this futuristic masterpiece and all of you should properly be excited for it.

Simon would like to remind you that can download two of the album tracks for FREE right now – the chock-full-of-tude that is "Diablo" and the dark and twisty "Delusional" if you follow him on Twitter, so make sure you do.  Remember too that the entire album will be coming out for FREE very soon – make sure you are all over it like a bad rash – cuz it's gonna go viral.

The fat lady will sing.