Noticed a certain song called ‘Young Europeans’ climbing the Electroqueer Chart lately? If you have, then say hello to the queer electro rocker boys The Ballad Bombs. Band members AJ, Bryan Swansea, Andrea Husak and Mike Koehler form this fab foursome and are here to remind you that 80’s synth hasn’t died and it’s not about to go anywhere anytime soon.

Their new album ‘And Then We Danced’ will be released on iTunes and in stores early February — if you’re into bands like New Order, The Cure, The Smiths and The Police…then you’ll love The Ballad Bombs. We have been loving them for quite awhile now and couldn’t be more cheerful to help spread the word about their great electroqueer music.

To preview the entire ‘And Then We Danced’ album, make sure you check out their MySpace page.  The boys have also made available a free download of the song ‘Pretty Face’ for you to delight in all this weekend.  Enjoy this little electro treat and relive some of those 80’s electric dreams by supporting The Ballad Bombs like we do!