In the on-going fan battle for Queen of Pop supremacy, many would argue that Lady Gaga rules the roost after her show-stopping performance at the Super Bowl this past weekend. Beyoncé’s Bey-hive in their many legions would most certainly declare that an outright travesty against humanity, whilst long-time fans of Madonna would argue that she and only she is the true Queen of Pop that rules them all. I might be in that camp if we are being honest. However, I’m a bit shocked to find out that Adele is currently commanding a hefty $5000 USD for a golden circle ticket at her Wembley Stadium show in London this summer.


That is pretty crazy, even for the most hard-core music fans.

No one can deny that Adele is a force to be reckoned with in the world of modern music. Every time she releases a single, the Internet goes crazy and declares her THE BEST SINGER IN THE WHOLE WORLD EVER once again. Adele literally sneezes and coughs out Grammys – even with she’s got the sniffles. But it really makes me wonder what kind of people hand over the equivalent of a modest mortgage deposit over to her touring company just to get up-close-and-personal to the “Rolling In The Deep” singer. You, would of course, need to be rather wealthy to fork over that sort of cash as the average working person would have to starve for a few months in order to be able to part with that kind of money for one night of music euphoria. But hey, I’m not judging. Good on Adele. She’s talented and from what I hear, puts on a great show. And hey – if you fancy getting a last minute ticket under $200 and don’t mind standing with the peasants in the back, then Adele does have a ticket price point for almost everyone – including those who come from the school of “money is no object” thinking. She’s smart y’know. I guess if they are selling those tickets for that price – someone MUST be buying them.

But let’s get real for a second. For five thousand smackeroos, you could easily see 20 different live shows from some of the today’s mega hitmakers. For that kind of money, expand your horizons for goodness sake. Check out Guns N Roses for the first time – shoot, fly to Bangkok to see them! Celebrate the music greats by seeing one of Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel’s epic live performances. Go see a show by Drake. Go see U2 performing the entirety of their “The Joshua Tree” album this summer (I’d love to see that show). But for goodness sake – mix it up a bit! Just don’t place all your money in Adele’s shopping cart because, well you know, she isn’t gonna stave to death.

Unless Adele is personally driving you around for a week and singing her hits especially for you vi Carpool Karaoke, the five grand could be could be much better spent on other live shows

But if you must spend that kind of money on one concert, well then I’m not judging you. (Yes I am).