Casinos and casino games are frequently featured in movies even though the industry has been online since the 90s. Nowadays, people can get to any online casino with just a few clicks. The top-rated sites always stand out in the crowd because of what they have on offer.

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Despite that fact, events in land-based casinos have served as inspiration for many movies. One of them is 21. This movie is based on real-life events regarding the MIT Blackjack Team. The team members learned card counting in blackjack and made off with substantial sums of money. So this movie was filmed to tell their story.

The entire film is told through the eyes of Ben Campbell who is the main character in the film. He’s a mathematics major at MIT and is accepted into Harvard Medical School. However, he can’t afford the tuition which is a staggering $300,000. He works part-time as a salesman with his friend but that job doesn’t earn him much money.

Ben applies for the Robinson Scholarship but he has to dazzle the person awarding it to get it. This is where the audience meets Micky Rosa, a mathematics professor. After successfully solving the Monty Hall problem, Ben gets Micky’s attention and is invited to a secret meeting. Here he’s introduced to Choi, Jill, Fisher, and Kiana and they form the card-counting team Rosa plans to bring to Vegas.

However, Ben refuses to be a part of it. Eventually, Jill comes to the store he works in and changes his mind. After passing a rigorous test he makes it on the team. They go to Vegas on weekends and win substantial amounts of money. Fisher gets jealous of Ben’s success and gets drunk and fights him which is why he’s sent home.

Their success is noticed by Cole Williams and he keeps a close eye on Ben. Moreover, he starts to like blackjack too much and detaches from his friends Miles and Cam. One night when he’s signaled to leave a table he doesn’t and loses $200,000. Micky gets furious and demands the money back while quitting the team. The team decides to stay and continue playing but they get set up by Rosa.

Ben gets caught by Cole and the two of them work out a deal. He convinces Rosa to go to Vegas one last time and win big. When Cole bags Rosa he also double-crosses Ben and takes his winnings. After he reconciles with his friends, who are also excellent card-counters, they go at it again.

The entire story is received by a flabbergasted scholarship director. All in all, it’s a good movie that received mixed reviews from critics and the audience.

If you’re into casino movies this one is a must-watch.