Yesterday, we made the announcement that shiny new emerging talent Ashton Zanecki has joined the EQ Music family as one of our management artists and we couldn’t be happier to welcome into the fold alongside the likes of our other EQ Music artists Parralox and Ryan Adamés. We’ve been following Ashton and his bedroom pop stylings ever since he was a wee 14 years old and we’ve practically watched him grow up online. Ashton’s got that special spark that ignites our love for pop and his ambition in becoming a pop star is super infectious. Think of Ashton Zanecki as a young male version of Ke$ha and Cher Lloyd whose mission is to create peace, love and fun through his music and bubbly personality. We are beyond happy to welcome him to the EQ Music family and we are looking forward to helping him define his sound and brand over the next year.

If that wasn’t enough, Ashton has just today released a teaser track called “1000 Grand” which is his first ever studio recording and quite literally, a cute and snappy (and horribly catchy) diddy about feeling good about yourself and shedding the negativity. “1000 Grand” is just a teeny introduction into what we have in store for Ashton and we can’t wait to be able to share some of the other tracks he’s working on which are commercial pop gems…trust me on this one, Ashton Zanecki has the star quality that harkens back to the days of the Mickey Mouse club when Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears ruled the roost. If Ashton was born in that decade, he would most certainly be hanging out with them today!

Listen to and download “1000 Grand” today and most importantly, WATCH THIS SPACE. The track is just the first speckle of brilliance that is yet-to-be-uncovered from Ashton Zanecki who will soon be taking over your stereo with his Abercrombie cute looks and fun original music for the tweens and pop music obsessives.